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VeRelief Mini

VeRelief Mini

Drug-Free Rapid Relaxation via Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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Rapid Relaxation - Anytime, Anywhere

VeRelief Mini is a drug-free rapid mental recovery tool for people that go. 

It is a small portable tool that stimulates the vagus nerve, sending smooth, gentle, and soothing vibrations throughout the ear that feel amazing and calm the nervous system in seconds.


Use Cases

    • Use before bed to fall asleep.
    • Calm a racing mind.
    • Boost mood and feel better.
    • Recover from a "fight or flight" response.

Use the built-in slow breathing pacer to amplify the effects for a euphoric relaxation experience. 


Design Features

    • Dry-electrode design for excellent comfort
    • Robust medical-grade product design
    • Reliable performance and long-lasting battery life
    • No pills to swallow
    • No app to connect to
    • Keyring attachment for portability and accessibility


What's Included

    • Device
    • 24 pairs of electrode gels (up to 12 months of use)
    • Charging cable
    • Support material
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